Survey123 Date/Time Displays Correct, add feature layer to Pro and it displays UTC time

10-16-2018 10:18 PM
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Im sure this is a simple setting I have never had to look at before, but I have a Date Time field in a Survey123 form, it captures the user input and the time is expected to be during business hours in my example. 

I look at the data on the Data tab, it looks spot on:

I then bring in this feature layer into a new ArcGIS Pro Map, then open the attributes table, and the same column is displaying UTC time:

Can someone tell me which format the time is actually stored? I am guessing the data is stored at UTC and the survey website applies a conversion to display local? Can this be confirmed?

Also how do I apply this same conversion so ArcGIS Pro displays my data in local time, as in my organisation we 100% of the time work in local time, never in UTC. 

Any suggestions?


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Hi Ben,

You are correct - the data in ArcGIS Online is stored in UTC time; the web apps automatically compensate, however in Pro the compensation is not automatic.  See Set the time properties on data—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop  and Convert Time Zone—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop for more information on compensation in Pro.

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