Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS - Add a hyperlink in survey description to a web app builder application

11-09-2017 01:35 PM
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I have built a web app builder application to display data collected by a survey (built in survey123 Connect for ArcGIS). The end users need to be able to easily open the web app builder application directly from the survey123 app to determine if a point has already been created for that particular location before they create another one with the form in survey123. To make it user friendly I would like to allow the user to open the web app builder application from the description before entering the survey form itself. The HTML gets interpreted as literal text. Does anyone know how to get HTML to work in the survey description?

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Hi Molly,

There isn't a way to do this within Survey123 Connect, but it is possible and supported in the survey item description for the field app. What you have to do is open the form item for your survey in your ArcGIS organization (it should be, in your case, the 'Form'-type item in the folder named 'Survey-Maximo Survey Request Dev') and edit the description there. You can add formatting i there, including links, that do appear in the Survey123 field app.

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is the formatting for the hyperlink the same? I can see the hyperlink in the field app, but nothing happens when I press on it

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