Survey123 Connect and Survey123 crashing

06-01-2017 10:05 AM
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The past few days Survey123 Connect has been crashing a lot. I crashes when I try to edit or refresh surveys in Survey123 Connect. It crashes when I close the Survey123 application after collecting data on my Windows PC during testing.

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi. Are you running on Windows Server 2012 R2? If not, what OS are you running?  Try removing the AppStudio-WindowsLocation7.dll file from \Users\Username\Applications\ArcGIS\Survey123ConnectforArcGIS\position and then launch Connect again. Let us know if this improves things.  Thanks.

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I am having the same issue. I tried your advice and it still keeps crashing. I am using Windows 10 OS.

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I am also having this issue on a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine. I tried the suggested fix to no avail. Is the app not supported on that os? Thanks!


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I am also having this issue on a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine with the latest 2.4 release.

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If you are using 2012 RT - you will need to delete both:

AppStudio-WindowsLocation.dll and

AppStudio-WindowsLocation7.dll files from \Users\Username\Applications\ArcGIS\Survey123ConnectforArcGIS\position and then launch Connect again.



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I just wanted to post that I was dealing with constant lockups in S123 Connect for quite awhile, but the recommendations from Jonathan and Ismael above resolved it. 

 I just installed the most recent version of S123 Connect and the issue started again. Same thing, fix above resolved it.  

Random observation - the GPS icon in the top-right corner was always my indicator that the program was frozen.  After deleting those files, the GPS icon appears static. 

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I am having the problem mentioned in the above posts as well. I deleted the files in ..\Applications\ArcGIS\Survey123ConnectforArcGIS\position directory and get a blank box when trying to launch Connect. Using Windows Server 2012R2 and Survey123Connect x64 3.7.62. I also uninstalled, downloaded again and did a fresh install. I cant find anything regarding this issue. Any ideas?

Survey123 Connect_Server12R2 Crash

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Hi Luis,

What version of Windows are you using?  Have you checked to see if your computer's graphics drivers are up to date?

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Hi James, its a new server and IT loaded Server 2012 R2, however, I did not check the graphics card. If that can present an issue, that could potentially be the problem, which is no big deal, i just accessed my portal from my desktop and did what I needed to.

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