Survey123 calculation does not calculate after sent/outbox/draft

09-23-2022 06:24 AM
by Anonymous User
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I only use the web designer for survey design (our needs our currently simple).  We created a simple calculation field that subtracts two previous fields.  As noted in other posts it works fine when submitted all at once but if you reopen from sent/outbox/draft the calculation will not work if any revisions are made or if data is added that wasn't available at the time placed in draft.  Is that just a limitation with web designer?  Or is there something I can modify?

From my review all advice/workarounds dealt with Connect so just seeing what can be done within the web designer option.  Thanks.

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@Anonymous User I was not able to recreate your issue using the web designer and version 3.15.159 of the field app. I made a simple survey as shown below with two inputs and a read only calculation subtracting the second input from the first


I then found I was able to edit the numbers and via sent / outbox / draft and the calculation updated.

Are you able to test on a simple survey? Like mine. Does the issue still occur?


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by Anonymous User
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thanks @Richard_Purkis , I did what you mentioned and you are right it does work for all of the above

and also I did ensure we are using the same version of the field app (3.15.159) and also republished the survey with the issue in question so it is also published with the latest info and still the problem persists

one note that maybe can help pinpoint the issue:  in the simple survey when I delete either entry (Number1 or Number2) the calculation field empties and once a new entry is provided it recalculates, however in the survey with the issue when you delete either entry nothing happens to the calculation field (see two screenshots below), in simple terms it seems to be "stuck" with the original calculation, I reviewed all the settings applied to the questions (required question, must be integer, etc.) involved and made them match and as noted the simple survey still works fine but the actual survey problem still persists

any further advice welcome, thanks




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