Survey123 automatic notification email of survey entry

04-16-2019 07:55 AM
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We are using Survey123 to collect geolocated data on a public website and map that data for both public and administrative uses.  Other survey platforms will send email notifications of survey data as soon as the user submits the data.  I had heard years ago that this was a potential update for survey123 and am looking for an update on those efforts.  We are currently using a macro to work around this issue, but it has complications of its own.  An integrated system would work much better.  Thanks!

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Hi Erik,

Yes this is possible using webhooks and a provider of such handling services such as Integromat (I personally use), Microsoft Flow, or Zapier.

All that's involved after publishing a survey is going into the settings of a particular survey (on the Survey123 website) and adding a webhook. Here you punch in the webhook payload URL from any of the service providers mentioned above and your done.

Now the work begins on the webhook  service provider side. In my workflows I have emails being sent out upon survey submission, pictures extracted, reports generated, and pushes of data using REST. 

Let me know if you need any more info.