Survey where the user assigns values to existing features based on a domain

02-22-2024 12:27 PM
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Hi Everyone,

I am a city planner trying to create a survey (in the form of a game) for community members to assign a preferred land-use to specific census block geometries. I have already created the geometries I would like them to choose from and defined a field with a domain of choices. I have created a survey123 with connect and used linked content to link the webmap shown below.


How do I create a survey where the user would select a feature and then assign it a specific category based on the domain? Is this something do-able with Survey123, survey123 and experience builder together, or something else? Sorry, this is vague - but I'm starting from a limited background with the tool.


Thanks for your help!

Screenshot (19).png

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You can either build the survey directly in Experience Builder with the "survey" widget, and then pass data along with that (Depending on your use-case that is super convenient), or you can use a custom URL scheme (You would set this up in the popup, and a URL would be available for the user to click).