Survey Passing Default answers for Group that is Not Relevant

02-09-2017 07:34 AM
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I have a survey that contains 3 different groups of questions based upon the type of inspection being carried out - Daily, Weekly or Monthly (See attached xlsx). Each of the groups only become relevant when the inspection type question is answered. Within each of the groups, all of the questions contain default values of Pass to speed up data collection. The problem is that no matter which inspection type is selected, when the survey is uploaded, all of the questions with default answers send up data as if they were answered in the survey. I do not want the default answers of a daily inspection being uploaded when a weekly or monthly inspection is what is being done. I now have data results that do not accurately reflect the inspections we are doing.


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Hi Gary,

This is a known issue in Survey123 (BUG-000097105).  

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JTedrick-esristaff‌, would this known issue be the same as using an answer from a survey question as a default value? I have a related case where I have a prepopulated answer from an external choice and I would like to use hat as a Default value to another question.

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Was this resolved? I can't find any additional information on it. 

I am having the same problem using version 3.0.142. Within a repeat, if I set a default and a relevant, the default is always passed through, even when the relevant is not met. 

For select_one questions, I have been setting if statements in the calculation column as a work-around. However, I recently ran into a situation where I would like to use a default and a relevant for a select_multiple but haven't quite figured out a way to make it work. Is there a clever work-around to set defaults using the calculation column for select_multiple?

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Hi Gary/Erik,

The issue with default values populating when a question is not relevant has been fixed and you can test it out with latest 3.6 beta builds available on EAC. The latest version to test with is 3.6.100. Please let us know your feedback.



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In your situation, I think you should be able to get around this by using a calculation instead: if(selected(${InspectionType}, 'Daily'), 'Pass', ''). These answers can still be edited if needed, and IIRC the survey shouldn't recalculate them again unless you change or re-select the InspectionType answer.

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