Survey attribute that updates instantly on survey after collecting data and can be reset

12-28-2017 04:49 AM
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I have a survey that uses the pulldata function to display utility information to our employees in the field. This information is stored in a CSV file in the media folder on my C drive. In the survey, each project is listed with a radio button and our field employees will see unique attributes about each specific project when they change their project selection.

On a monthly basis, these employees need to submit meter reads for our ongoing projects. These employees requested an additional displayed attribute in the survey that says if they have read a particular project's meter for the current month. I currently have a workflow that updates an attribute on their survey called "Complete (December 2017)" to "TRUE" or "FALSE". This attribute updates the day after they submit data and it's from me manually updating the CSV in the media folder using an Excel formula.

I am wondering if there is a way that I can create an attribute on their surveys that automatically updates with the "TRUE" or "FALSE" value immediately after they send a survey to let the employees know which projects have had their meters read for the current month in real time? Also, I'd like to easily be able to reset this attribute to FALSE again at the start of every month.

Thank you for your time. Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi John

To get this working, you would need to do pulldata against the feature service that your surveyors are updating. The service would need to contain a field for the true/false status, and this would be the value returned by the function. They would then use the survey to update the status on submission.

However, unfortunately it is not yet possible to use pulldata against a feature service. We have an enhancement open for this, and will add your requirements to it. 

In terms of resetting the values in the feature service every month. You could create a Python script that updated the field via the services rest end point, and then use windows task scheduler to run it at a specific interval.

I'm not clear on your workflow, but if you are using repeats (i.e. a meter feature with related meter reads) you could use the inbox to view (in readonly mode) all previously submitted reads against the meter, and add a new reading directly from the inbox if required. Please let me know if you want any more information on this workflow.



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Thank you for your help.

I am going to look into using Collector for this workflow instead of Survey123 as I think it might better suit my needs at present.



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