Survey 123 Images for repeat with no geodata.

10-04-2022 08:39 PM
New Contributor

Hello, I am still very new to ArcGIS.

We have ArcGIS pro and a subscription to Survey123. We have collected data using repeats in this approximate structure of the parent and child tables/repeats:

Site (coordinates recorded)

---repeat:object1 (coordinates recorded)

---repeat:object2 (no geodata recorded)

There were images recorded with object 2, and the goal of the program was to map the images. However, when I import the geodatabase and join the object2 layer with the object2_FILE layer, I just get a text field with the filename of the photo.

I cannot directly import from survey123 Connect, because that destroys geodata and the photo data. How am I supposed to connect these photos?

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