Survey 123 can't edit existing records in Webpage, only edit in App

10-17-2019 04:35 AM
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Having an issue with editing records in an existing survey in Survey123 in a web browser, but editing works fine in the app.  Creating a new survey works fine in the website, only editing an existing survey is creating the issue. 

The website generates a Failed to Submit ribbon with details stating -i[0].adds is undefined.  

I've attached the excel form being used.  

The data is hosted in AGOL and participates with related records that are not part of the survey.  

Passing this URL from Operations dashboard: - ID is from submission URL and not displayed in this link

The webpage opens showing the appropriate information, but when I hit submit, the error appears.

if I use: and pick the open in survey123 field app, the form is blank  The form is blank if I use: as well.

Have also added &version=latest to the URL with no success.

In the Data tab in Survey123 for ArcGIS, I can directly edit the information in the data table, but get the same error in the right side editing window when submit is clicked for the selected record.

Help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Joe,

I wouldn't expect the form to be supported in the web app at the current time:

- theme-grid is not supported in the web form at this time

- the correct value for the required column is 'yes', not 'y'

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