Survey 123 Can I give the user an answer at the end?

12-10-2021 08:22 AM
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Hi everyone,

I'm decently new to making surveys in Survey123. I have previously created normal surveys where the data they entered is automatically sent in when they are done, and the user is informed they are finished. My question is; are you able to give the user an "answer" at the end, dependent on their responses to the questions? What I'm imagining is a form with multiple conditional questions, and then depending on their responses to the questions it will give them a different answer at the end. It would essentially be a flowchart. I have not found anything about this functionality and was curious if this was possible. Thanks for your help!

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What kind of answering that you are looking to give to the surveyor?


Basically you can use a calculation and relevent columns to build up a logic based on the surveyor's responses in the survey.


If you provide me more clarity on what exactly you need I would be happy yo support as long as I designed complex survey with many calculations and give the surveyors the final output in the end of the survey. 



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