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Sorting answers by codes in Survey123 Connect

04-25-2023 06:12 PM
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I'm creating a survey using Survey123 Connect. I have a list of their questions and each question comes with acronym codes in parentheses.

examples of how these questions are structured:

1. Do you have students who speak unclearly or stutter? (SLI)


2. Do you have students who have repetitive behavior? (ASD/EBD)


3. Do you have any students who are impulsive and can't wait their turn? (ADHD)


The acronyms in parentheses are codes associated with the question.

now my group knows what those codes mean and said they should not appear in the survey. But they said they want to sort the answers by those codes.

So, for example, they know question #3 is related to ADHD.

Is putting the code in the question's "name" how you would go about sorting answers by their codes?

or are there ways to sort answers by acronym codes in Survey123 Connect and ArcGIS Online?

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If I'm understanding correctly, it seems like these can be easily sorted/filtered through the attribute table of the survey feature layer and/or an excel output of the survey results. The way you have the questions worded in bold can be the label of your question (omitting the parts in parentheses, per the request), and the name of your question can just be "SLI", "ASD_EBD", "ADHD", etc. 

So for example, the column in the attribute table for the SLI question will be populated with either Yes or No values. You can then sort ascending or descending on that column to group all survey answers that answered "Yes" to that question.

Is that what you're going for?


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Yeah, I think that is their intention I just wanted confirmation that if anyone has been in that scenario when creating a survey, they would go about it by having the code as the name so they can sort out which questions people answered yes to in relation to which code.

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