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Sharing a Public Survey with others to view on the Survey123 website

04-28-2017 11:05 AM
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I have created a survey from the web and made it public. Now I would like others in my Organization to view and analyze the survey through the Survey123 website first. Then they will go into ArcGIS map viewer to explore the data in greater detail, but I want them to to have access to the charts and graphs from the Survey123 website.

I have shared the Form, Feature Layer and Feature Layer (hosted, view) in ArcGIS Online with a group that contains the individuals who I want to have the ability to analyze the results on the Survey123 website. 

Those individuals in the Group do not see my survey in the "surveys shared with me".

Should a survey shared to the public be accessible by other members of my organization to view and analyze results in the "surveys shared with me" section? The files have been shared with a group. 

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I am also experiencing this for my working environment. Though the surveys have been shared with working groups, as well as my organization, I do not have access via the Survey123 for ArcGIS website. I have confirmed I do have access via my mobile device (iOS/Android) and ArcGIS Online, but need to access the survey from the website for survey printing functionality. 

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@AmyWork @MartinVisarraga 

Did this ever get resolved? Or figured out? I just tried to do the same thing (somehow the layers in my "stakeholder" view were transposed in a way that was not obvious and made it so I couldn't edit the view from AGOL (changes never stuck). 

I attempted to create another view and share that with the group (and unshare the original stakeholder view). The survey disappeared from "My Surveys" for the end users. 

How do I specify which view is the "results" view for specific groups? I ended up having to delete the original stakeholder view and reshare with the group, which created a "results" view and I was able to edit that. I've found out that the stakeholder view is an "old" view and now a results view is created, but in my searches I found a blurb saying I shouldn't have deleted that view... oops.

Basically, things appear to be working, but it got me wondering how I would change/specify the layer to use for the data view (in for the group(s) the results are shared with.

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