Select one question doesn't work in second language of web app survey created in connect

04-21-2018 04:58 AM
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Hi community,

I'm a bit confused because i tried a lot of combination in a last few days, but something goes wrong, so I need you help.

I have a task to prepare a form in a 2 languages (ro and ru), which should be used in web app. Form is a bit sophisticated so I use Survey123 Connect (version 2.7.72) to prepare application form.

In a first scenario a set default language in xml, in this case select one question doesn't work in any language in a web app (exception Cascading selects), but in same time in Survey123 app works great in any scenario. (looks at the attached image)

If default language are selected from xml then select one question doesn

In a second scenario I don't set any language in xml, in this case select one question works in web app with default language but doesn't work in second language  (looks at the attached image).

If I don

I just need to prepare form which will work fine in both languages. I make some mistakes or is a bug?

Thx in advance for your help. 

P.S. I attached xml schema but without .csv table whitch I use to populate some columns.

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Hi Admin

This a known bug in the web app and we will look to address this is in a future release.

I've added your information to the internal bug notes.



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Johnathan thanks for your reply, we will try to find some solutions till future release. 

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