Select_one list will not show labels when a choice filter is added

09-23-2019 08:54 AM
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I cannot figure out what is going on here.  I torn down the list to just 2 items and they work fine.

If I add in a simple choice filter it just show the radio with no text.  It even adjusts to the correct number of choices but never a label.  

I do not think it is a label problem since they do show without a choice filter.

hidden AlwaysLookup AlwaysLookup "Y"

select_one SpeciesList SpeciesFound Species found at site always=${AlwaysLookup}

list_name name label image label::language1 woodyherb statecode nonnative always

SpeciesList SedgesRushes Sedges Rushes None Y
SpeciesList OtherHerbaceous Other Herbaceous None Y

Any ideas?


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When I first tried to use select_one_external it kept saying my list was not found so I went with regular list.

I now remade the external_choices sheet and the choice_filter works for external.

Still will not work for a regular select_one so not sure what is going on.

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