S123 for Portal has Token Issue When Simultaneously Logged into AGOL

06-06-2018 12:44 PM
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If a user is simultaneously signed into AGOL and accessing a Portal Survey (created from S123 connect from existing federated service hosted on ArcGIS Server> published> accessed via hyperlink) there is a Token Error and the survey breaks Case # 02105855.  The case resulted in a bug but was claimed as 'an irrelevant workflow' and was closed 'not in product plan'.

This will continue to directly affect any organizations that need to make a survey from an existing portal feature class and who want to access it from the web.  


Please fix this issue!

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Hi Amanda,

In reviewing your description, the workflow you describe does not match the BUG that the case was assigned to, which is strictly about an stand-alone ArcGIS Feature Service being used with a survey.  Can you reply/re-open to the case to reopen citing this response to get it reclassified?

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Hi James,

Thank you for the speedy response. I agree, something doesn't seem to align with the bug result and the overall case. 

I have opened a new ticket (#02129524) referring to the closed case above. 

Thanks again so much, hope we can get this issue fixed!

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