Relevancy based on today's date being between two dates

10-22-2019 06:38 PM
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Trying to create numerous questions where they only appear if today's date falls between two dates.

Currently have a hidden field with calculation of "format-date(yyyy//mm//dd)" and tried the following formula in the relevant column for my series questions "today() < date('2021/06/31') and > date('2016/06/31)".

Have not been successful, do I need to replace today() with a field I created myself and can I even do between > and < relevant formulas?

Much appreciated

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In programming you always have to write out the statement in full.  It has no idea what you want to compare in the other side of the and.


today() < date('2021/06/31') and today() > date('2016/06/31)

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