Recovering Survey from Field App

05-01-2023 08:20 AM
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I accidentally deleted a Survey from Connect and ArcGIS Online. It's still available on my phone. Is it possible to get the Survey file from my phone?

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Hello @EgleAdmin

It is possible to extract the survey from the mobile device, the survey is stored in ~/ArcGIS/My Surveys/<surveyItemID>/esriinfo within that esriinfo folder there will be your XLSForm, media folder, scripts folder etc. 

Where exactly that ArcGIS folder resides depends on OS, but if you open your files app typically the ArcGIS folder is: 

Android -> Internal storage/Android/data/com.esri.survey123/files/ArcGIS

iOS -> On my i<device>/Survey123/ArcGIS

Windows -> C:\Users\username\ArcGIS\My Surveys

It won't be possible to recover the form item in your ArcGIS Online content so you will need to republish the survey as new. 

Thank you,
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