Problem with Survey 123 ,viewer unable to see records

04-13-2020 11:10 AM
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I published a survey about a month ago, based off an existing survey I previously published. I have checked all of the settings for both viewer and submitter (survey 123), they identical to the first survey's settings I published which works fine, the second survey however, viewers are unable to view the records (there should be 17 in total). I have noticed that in the folder on our portal in my content which the information is stored (feature class hosted & feature class ect) the feature class labeled stake_holder has no data but the feature class has data as apposed to the original survey its based on. Not sure if that has something to do with it or not since I am unaware of the stake_holders function.  Can some explain whats going on.


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Hi Vincent,

The stakeholder view is used to share survey results and is generated when share to Viewers via the ....  It sounds like the stakeholder view may be pointed to the wrong feature service; the easiest way to address that is to delete the stakeholder view (this does not delete data) and then re-share for viewing.

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That worked ,thanks James!

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I'm encountering a similar issue. I have deleted two rows from my hosted feature layer (ArcGIS Enterprise). Those rows still show up in my stakeholder view layer. I have tried deleting the stakeholder, then unsharing with my data viewers via survey123, then sharing, with no success in syncing my stakeholder to my hosted feature layer @JamesTedrick I would really appreciate the help!

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