Polygons in AGOL

08-31-2019 08:20 AM
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I developed a form which contains geoshape and geotrace and also Repeat which contains points. Every thing is working well. but when it comes to AGOL it shows me only the points and the Polyline and it doesnt show me the polygon. Is that normal or I have to do something to show it on AGOL or ARCGISPRO.



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Hi Oussama,

Can you provide more details on how you structured your form?  You mention having both geotrace and geoshape, are the in the same layer or level of the form?  ArcGIS Online only supports creating feature layers with geometry per table; if you have multiple geometries in the same level of a form, one will need to be set to fieldType of null; it will not submit that question's data in that case.

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