Outdated Survey Version when Opening Field App Directly Online

07-03-2018 10:57 AM
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Hello All!

I've set up a survey for Trail Bridge Data Collection in YOSE NPS. The Survey looks great and looks exactly how I want on the Connect App. Although, when I publish the Survey, I am running into an issue when I try to open it via the Survey123 Feild App Directly. Only my GPS coordinate values show up on the App. This is interesting because when I open it in the Browser Directly, everything appears. There could be a portal connection issue but I'm still hazy on the process and followed this link for any possible solution. I'll attach an image of my Field App and Browser, along with my Excel Sheet. Thanks for your help in advanced!

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Hi Zachary,

I was unable to reproduce the issue you encountered with the field app and your survey, when I publish your survey and open it in the field app, I see all the repeat groups and group headings and the questions as expected as per the way you configured the survey in Connect.

What version of Survey123 are you using (Connect and Field app?) and have you downloaded the latest copy of your survey to the device after publishing?



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