Ok, here I go with a question that might be easier to understand on the phone rather then typed.

07-15-2019 06:52 AM
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I need to be able to collect the width of a trial.  Now I do have that already asked in survey 123 connect.  My question is two-part, I need to continue to update the width of the trail as I move down the trail, so do I need to put begin repeat before and end repeat after?  I am also collecting features that will be in the trail and need to collect the remaining trail width at that feature (ex. rock that takes up 14 inches in the trial and the trail width was 30 inches, there is now 16 inches of remaining trail width.  I want to be able to have the program do the math of the remaining trail width.) I have done this but am not feeling that as the trail width changes it will not affect all of my previous data.




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Hi Todd,

Yes, if you want to use Survey123 for this you would need to use a repeat to record what are essentially different segments of the trail.

Depending on how complex the data you are gathering is, you may want to look at ArcGIS QuickCapture‌ - what you are describing sounds like one of the main use cases for using that application to collect information instead of Survey123.