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02-11-2019 12:42 PM
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I am newer to ArcGIS Online and ESRI moblie work apps and I am having an issue trying to figure out how to open a Survey123 survey in Collector for ArcGIS using an iPad. I have configured my popup to include the URL to my survey and it wants to open it in Safari. How do I get the survey to open in the Survey123 app installed on my iPad? Step by step detailed answers are required, please. 

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Here is a blog article that shows how to add an applink to a popup in ArcGIS Pro, a step by step for building a survey and linking to it from a another app.

In your webmap configure a custom popup.

Add a Hyper Link to your custom attribute popup.

You can use links in the following formats

The first link opens a webpage, the clicking the web page will launch the survey123 app 

This second link will open the Survey123 app directly, However, if you edit the popup the web browser will sometimes complain about the link.


If this happens, just try again.

Click the set button and you will see the link highlight.

Click OK and Save your Map.

Open the map in Collector


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Hi Doug,

> ... how to open a Survey123 survey in Collector for ArcGIS using an iPad. 

Just to add onto Mark's great reply, this blog contains more details on opening a survey (in Survey123) from another app (like Explorer or Collector) 

Hope this helps,