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10-12-2021 06:50 AM
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Hello, I wanted to know if it is possible to do the following:
I want to make a relocation map, that is, I have a point shape that contains the original information, and using Survey123 I capture the information of the new location with x and y coordinates.

Is it possible to observe the start point and the end point?

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Hello @Jcordovafredes

Do you need both the start point and end point captured in the same survey? 

Assuming you have the original point is stored in a separate feature service from the Survey123 feature service, and you don't need the start point captured in the same survey, you can use a JavaScript function to query the original feature service based on some shared attribute (site ID for example) and then have that point populate a geopoint that has it's bind::esri:fieldType column you can set it to null. This will in essence make the original point view only in the survey. 

Otherwise if you need both points to be captured in the same survey you will need to have one of the geopoint questions in a repeat as ArcGIS feature services can only store one geometry. 

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Hi @ZacharySutherby , I explain in more detail.
I have a service called "reposition_valves" which is a view
This view contains the geometry (which is points) and the table where the survey records are stored.
So in the point layer, I have the original coordinates (Coordinates A), but I also have the coordinates captured in the field survey, let's call it Coordinates B, this information will be in the X and Y column of the attribute table.
So I want firstly those B Coordinates to be seen on the map, and secondly my intention is to see the "possible" displacement that exist for the same elements given the Coordinates A and the Coordinates B.

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