Many concurrent Surveyors using Survey123

11-17-2019 11:31 PM
Esri Contributor

We plan to perform a Survey, using Survey123 on mobile browser, to thousands of surveyors and about 2500-3000 concurrent.
The survey is based on ArcGIS Online and possibly ArcGIS Server service and SDE Layer (Hybrid environment)
How can we be sure it will work?
Is there a way to make a load test?
Will it work better using ArcGIS Online layer or ArcGIS Server and SDE layer?
Is there a formal definition and specifications about how many surveyors can use Survey123 concurrent?

Thanks in advance

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Ofra,

System architecture is a an area where more detailed discussion of the planned collection operation and operational conditions is needed.  I'll contact you off-line to discuss further.

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