Manual geopoint override in offline mode?

12-19-2022 07:19 AM
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I have a Survey123 form where the user takes a geopoint and information for each tree on a site. We use tablets put on airplane mode for this.

I have our Geopoint accuracy threshold set for 6 meters. However, sometimes during rainy or snowy days or under thick tree cover waiting for a 6 meter accuracy takes a long time. I would like a user to be able to manually enter a lat/long for the Geopoint and/or override the Geopoint accuracy threshold if they need to, but this doesn't seem to be possible when using tablets offline (the option for the interactive Geoppoint map is only accessible when online). How do I do this?

I know that being online allows a GPS receiver in a tablet or phone to use cell towers to estimate location as well as satellites which improves accuracy, however I want us to work offline for the most part because of the locations we work in and to avoid potential data loss from going in/out of service.

Any suggestions?



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Hey everyone, I just answered my own question via this thread:

An offline map in Survey123 - Esri Community

I also had my Survey123 XLSform set to "hide inputs" in the appearance column so we couldn't visualize the map. I deleted "hide inputs" and now we can manually input GPS coordinates if the tablet GPS is acting up some days.

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