Link to Field Maps from S123

a month ago
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We are able to construct a URL in S123 form to open Collector, initiate a point and pass attributes from S123, works great. But we're unable to open the Field Maps app from S123.

Here's the doc that lists which apps can be launched from S123:

Looks like Field Maps is missing, and I confirmed that "arcgis-fieldmaps" doesn't work to launch the app.

Are we doing something wrong, or hasn't Field Maps been integrated with S123 yet?

The opposite direction works, clicking a link on Field Maps successfully opens the S123 form, but you can't get back to Field Maps from S123.

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Hello @danbecker

It looks like the app link for Field Maps is Please use this link for reference regarding the Field Maps documentation for app links:

I'll create an issue in our documentation repo now to add the Field Maps link to our documentation. 

Thank you, 


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