Is there a way to create a new survey using Survey123 Connect while being offline?

11-11-2018 07:02 PM
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When I try to do so, either by selecting "New Survey" or by dragging my finished XLSForm into the window, the program gets "stuck". If I select "New Survey" it starts searching for a template and never stops doing so. If I drag the form, it stays in the "Importing XLSForm" window forever.

I would like to be able to design the survey while offline, as I often find myself working in places without internet access.


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Hi Noelia

You need to be online to use connect. This is so you can access the templates and samples, but also the REST API used to converts the xls document to an xml form. We are working on an on-premises installation of the Survey123 Website and API, which will provide an offline option in the future. This is available through the EAC: Welcome to our Feedback Community  - but it does not yet support an offline mode of operation.



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Hi Noelia,

It is not currently possible to create and design new surveys whilst offline without internet access, or use the templates and samples. The reason is because the conversion of the xlsform to xml is done via a hosted api service and the templates and samples are hosted online.

We are currently working on an on-premises install of the api which allows creating surveys via Connect whilst offline with no internet, however this is currently only a beta feature and in the early stages of development. IT does work but requires following manual installation steps to get it running on your local PC. More info can be found on EAC here: Welcome to our Feedback Community 



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Thanks John and Phil for your answers. I look forward to the offline version of Survey 123! I am a biologist working in an isolated rural area and only have occasional access to internet. It would be great to be able to design and preview my survey offline, so that when I do get wifi connection I can just upload it. I will give the EAC version a try and see how it works for me.




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