Is it possible to store responses to survey questions in different locations?

05-27-2020 11:45 AM
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Hi All,

I am trying to develop a Survey123 survey that includes identifying information. Our ethics does not allow us to store identifying information the same place as non-identifying information. Are you aware of a way to separate questions within a single survey? 



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Hi Andrew,

Apologies for the delay.  Can you better define what is meant by 'same place' in your question?  Does it refer to the same table, or the same database system?  

It is possible to store data in different parts of the same feature service (grouping of tables in a database) by using repeat sections; a repeat creates a separate table.  In this situation you would likely only want a repeat section to be filled in once.

I would also mention it is possible to selectively remove fields from a view of the data to hide identifying information.  This allows the data to be stored together but only accessible to the people that need access to the information.  See Set hosted feature layer view definition—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation  

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