Is it possible to set a question required within a page in survey123 connect?

02-28-2019 08:05 AM
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Im using connect to create a survey with several pages, is it possible to have questions that are required in a page so that the user cant go to the nex page if he is missing that question?


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Hi Sebastian,

Unfortunately not. The required question validation runs with a change of focus or when a user attempts to submit the survey (depending on the question type), not when moving onto the next page. Many users want to be able to navigate between pages without having to answers all the questions or only do some then save as a draft for later to complete.

With our next release we are aiming to resolve some of the known issues with required validation, the different question types, the different behaviours and when things get validated. I've added your comments to an open enhancement request we have.


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I second that vote - in fact I posted on this yesterday.  

Some may want to be able to advance pages while some of us want the validation to occur.  This is very important with later parts of the forms need that value to continue.  

Just add it as an option that can be turned on and off per page - that way we all win.


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Just have to add to this since I am now getting a LOT of support calls on this. The required checks seems completely random to the users now.

I think I traced it down to being any field with a relevant does not get checked for required until the form is submitted. But if it does not have a relevant on it then it will check when advancing the repeat. So users see some blank requireds get through and some do not. They are actually calling me to tell me my form is wrong. We have 150 repeats so the end submit is going to be a nightmare! Just imagine having to fix 150 one by one - having to hit submit 150 times - and that is PER FIELD!! I could see our users now having to hit submit over 1,000 times. Am I missing something here?

Please consider these workflows and how it affects users and IT/GIS staff. These forms being created are getting really big now and that needs to be accommodated for.

Adding a page check and a repeat check seems like the easy way to fix all of this.

When can I expect a fix?


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