Integromat wont update after publishing new Survey

09-21-2021 07:23 AM
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Hello! I have a very lengthy scenario in Integromat that is updating several Google Sheets instances. My scenario works perfectly until I have to publish a new Survey during this development phase of this project. What should I change in the scenario when publishing a new survey? I know that simply changing the Web Hook parameter on the Survey123 instance needs to change but theres something else that needs to be changed as well. 






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Generally with Integromat you have to open each node and update it there as well. I've found it can be as simple as opening the module to let the meta data load in from the updated or changed survey123 form that is being watched, to as complex as re-formatting the HTML code in each nodule. If checking and updating each node doesn't change, I would suggest reaching out to Integromat support. They are good about opening your scenario and reading into the structure and formatting you have set up to help find a solution.

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