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Inspection Workflow S123 to Feature Layer GlobalID Not Editable

04-06-2023 07:58 AM
Occasional Contributor

I am trying to use Survey123 to update my feature layer hosted in Portal.

I am getting stuck when publishing the survey. The gloabalid field is not editable.


Has anyone run into this before?

I followed the workflow from this video: Inspection Workflows Park 5: Configuring ArcGIS Survey123


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From skimming through the video, it looks like you need to work with the "GUID" field in the related table's feature service, not the Global ID. Global ID fields are never editable through an ArcGIS interface, they'll be generated automatically once a survey feature is created. The "GUID" field uses the Guid field type, which is the same data type as a GlobalID field but is user managed (this is analogous to Long Integer vs. ObjectID fields).

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