Image field not showing photo/folder buttons

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01-12-2021 04:29 PM
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Hi All,


I encountered this strange behaviour and thought I would ask the community for some explanation why this is being experienced.

In a survey form, I have a photo field that is hidden unless the field preceding it is set to 'no'. When completing the form for a new feature, then the logic is sound, no issues encountered but when I use the Inbox to edit an existing feature, then the below behaviour is encountered:


I would expect that one would not be able to edit a photo field in the form from an existing feature but when the yes/no question is toggled, then the photo/folder button do show and I am able to capture and successfully send the captured image.

Is this a bug or is there something else causing this?

Some insights would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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I wish this worked with the Inbox in the mobile app as well as it does online. I do have to say, the solution offering really isn't a solution to the image capture icon not showing up for an image question. I'm having a similar problem with an image question where a photo is required to support a failure in an inspection. The image capture icons do not appear unless you do as Alber does in his demo and toggle through the options. This is more of a functional problem not a cosmetic problem. 

I can't imagine telling staff to just toggle through two extra clicks to take a picture when they will complain (and count) the number of clicks it takes to complete an inspection. 

Thanks for the posts and I hope for continued support.