I made a form in survey 123 and at the bottom of the form this is a place for me to add 3 pictures and then a signature box , which all work fine when i collect the data, but if I go back to edit that data I can not add pictures or add another signature t

01-15-2019 12:11 PM
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The bottom of my form there is a place to add up to 3 pictures and a signature box. I submitted the form with all information but didn't add any photos but I did sign it. When I went back to edit it, I can edit everything but I can't add no photos and my signature is gone and want let me sign it.

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Hi Mike,

Survey123 does not currently support editing of attachments via the Inbox.

Having said that, please take a look at the following response on a different GeoNet thread in which Philip Wilson explains how you can add images from the Inbox when the question is contained within a repeat.