I cant open map after published with geoshape and geotrace !

01-26-2019 10:26 PM
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Dear Team,

Surly, so far everything goes smoothly if we stuck i wish you could help us.
I'm exciting to see your last update on Beta that support Polyline and Polygon because we were starting to create a script with (PYTHON) to capture polygon on ground base maps . Regarding last update I tried to test on geoshape and geotrace in survey but when i publish it on app field i can't open the map, I attached sniping of my issue. 
My second question i have seen an statement i wanna know what is the action of this statement which is written in calculation column what i mean attached as well. Thank you team .

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Hi Rawand,

As geotrace and geoshape are beta features and only available via EAC currently, please post any questions or feedback on the EAC website forums regarding these beta features.

As for the issues you are encountering, a new 3.3 beta build was updated on EAC yesterday, can you please test it out and if still having issues log them there.



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