How to specify default geopoint base map in Survey123 Connect?

10-03-2019 07:11 AM
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Using Survey123 Connect.

Added a geopoint question.

In main Survey123 Connect interface selected map options and then specified default coordinates and map background (Streets Map).

When survey gets published and opened in a browser, the base map is the TOPO map.  

Trying to figure how to default to the Streets Map.

Any insights would be appreciated.

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Hi Daniel,

Currently there is an enhancement request for basemap to be consistent when setting the default basemap in Survey123 Connect or web designer.

ENH-000124977: Make basemaps used for geopoint question in Connect and Hub consistent when authoring survey. You may want to track this issue for tracking.

To workaround this, you could manually set the basemap from the basemap gallery on the web form:

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Is there any way to work around this by manually setting a parameter in the JSON .info or .webform files?



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Hi Andy,

If the survey is created from Connect, the default basemap will be honored only by field app, not the web form. You can specify the basemap for offline usage by modifying the .info file. Prepare basemaps for offline use—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation

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Hi Shwu-jing Jeng,

meaby I missunderstand you, but am I able to change any settings in web Survey123 if I created form in Connect? I think I am not.

Can you specify how to set the default basemap for a form created in Connect?

It would help me a lot.


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Hi David,

If the form is created from Connect, the default map will be set from Connect>Settings>Map>Basemap selector icon. However, this setting will only be honored in :field app," but not web form. 

If the form is created from survey123 web, you can set the default map as following, but this setting will only be honored by web form, but not field app.

To answer your question:

<but am I able to change any settings in web Survey123 if I created form in Connect?>

You could change the basemap map manually from the basemap gallery on the web form.

However, this is one time change only, not the default setting you will see everytime when you open the web form.

We are still working on the enhancement ENH-000124977 to have the default map setting honor by both field app and web form.

Hope this helps to clearify your question.

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Thank you Shwu-jing Jeng for answers.

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Hello Shwu-jing Jeng‌, 

It appears that the S123 team has implemented this enhancement- 

from the Hug Day release

Can you please point me in the right direction for where I can modify this basemap setting in S123 Connect's xlsx form?

When using the Connect>Settings>Map>Basemap selector icon it appears this setting does not translate to 



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Hi Amanda,

It should work. COuld you check survey123 website and under Settings tab, did you choose the option "Always use the latest version(3.8)?

This issue was fixed in 3.8 and you will either need to change the basemap and republish te survey in Connect and view it on 3.8 website.

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Hi Shwu-jing Jeng‌, 

Thanks for your quick reply. That did the trick! 

I initially did try republishing with the latest version of S123 connect (3.7.62) but these updates didn't apply. It appears that you are correct, the "Always use the latest version" setting must be turned on in addition to being on the latest version. Is this correct? If this is the case, can you please add both of those requirements as disclaimers in the documentation for S123 connect?

Thanks so much!

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