How to pass or prepopulate answers between related tables within a survey

05-05-2019 08:02 PM
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I am creating a survey for trees and assessments related to them.

I would like species within the tree data to match species within the assessment table (repeat group).  If it is updated in the assessment table than I would like it to be updated within the tree area.

How do I do this?

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Hi Naomi

Thanks for the screenshot. Just to clarify, as one tree has many assessments, you would like the species question to be updated with Tree_Species from the latest repeat, is that right? If so, this isn't currently possible but we do have an open enhancement request for indexed repeats (e.g. return value from first repeat, last repeat, repeat x of y, etc.). No delivery date for this feature as yet, however.

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Are your choices a set size?  My plant codes are all 4 chars.  So you could have a field outside the repeat that has a calc of join().  Then you could calc in the next repeat something like (just pseudo code) substr(joinfield, stringlength-4) to pull off the last value and use.

I am using this method to check for dups in my repeats.

If the size varies you would need a find in string type operation but 123 does not have this yet.

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