How to get a field to begin with default 0.000, and retain the format

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Hi, how would I create a field on Survey123 connect which displays 0.000 as default, and retains this format as data is entered? 

Similar to something like this

JulietK_0-1605819610604.png Default display when survey opened

JulietK_1-1605819684778.pngUser enters '5'

JulietK_2-1605819746397.png User enters '5000'

I would like to allow value up to 999.000kg to be entered. The field would also have a constraint of .>=0 and the field type will need to be either integer or decimal (I believe only these are able to be recognised as numbers in dashboard for average, sum etc?).

And rather than having the 'kilogram' at the bottom (I'm sure this type of formatting is not offered by ESRI), I'd like 'kg' at the end of the value or at the end of the field. I understand this is possible in the field app with inputmask, but I need a function that works in the webform which is incompatible with inputmask. What kind of solutions for this are possible for the webform?


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