How do you filter an item from a choice list to prevent it from being selected in the next related question?

03-31-2019 06:29 AM
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Lets say i have five items in my choice list , ABCDE. In my first question i have a select one question form the list. Lets select A.

In question 2, i also have a select one question form the same list but now i want to find which item is closest to the  selected item A, in question 1.

How do i filter out item A from the choice list in question 2 so that it doesn't get selected again such that A is not closest to A?  

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You cannot reduce the list.  Lots of posts on this.  You can simulate it by using a constraint.  So Field2 != Field1.  It will let them pick it but then yell at them.

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Thanks Doug. I did some reading and found the solution. You can use a constraint with the expression .!${Field} to check the value doesn't get selected again from the list. Remember to add a constrain message to yell back at them with the correct question in case you have a lot of questions in your survey. 

Will have to try your expression.