How do I separate data that iv'e collected in one survey into two (in order to compare data)

01-06-2019 04:28 AM
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Hi! I'm a beginner to GIS and Survey123, and therefore have a question which likely has a simple solution. I have searched around for solutions with little success, maybe because i'm not sure how to word the question.

I've conducted a survey with Survey123, and all the data is collected in one survey. However, my fieldwork was in two different locations, so I want to be able to comparatively analyze the data. For this, I need to separate the results into two different surveys, I believe. How can I do this? 

Any advice would be much appreciated,


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Hi Oliver,

When you say you collected two locations in the one survey, do you mean you used the one survey form and collected 2 records, each with a geopoint location, or you only collected one record with one survey form? If you only collected 1 record, how did you collect two different locations, did you have a repeat or two geopoint questions in you survey?

Can you share a copy of your xlsx form you used so we can try and better understand the way it is configured, and if you can access the feature layer settings online a screenshot of the fields and even export of the data collected to csv or excel?



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