How do I get permission to create/host a New Survey in Survey123 with a Student license?

08-21-2019 11:39 AM
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I am trying to create / host new surveys in Survey123 with a 1-year student license. Right now when I try to create a survey at I get the statement: "You don't have access to this feature. Required privileges: publish hosted feature layers | create new item". Similarly, if I try to link Survey123 Connect (the desktop version of Survey123) to my ArcGIS Online account, it says I do not have permission. The end goal is to create a public survey to crowd source data.

When I talked to Esri customer service the first time, they said I need to link my arcGIS Online account with my Organization, then request that permission from my Organization. However, under My Esri > My Organizations > Overview > Request Permissions it states that "Esri Trials and student accounts are not eligible to view organization information on My Esri and therefore do not need to be connected to an organization."

I emailed Esri with this problem, and asked if I am allowed access to the online Survey123 with a student trial. They replied without answering either question and directed me to call customer service. I called customer service again and (this time) said they cannot help me with a student license.

So, should I be able to create / host Survey123 surveys? How do I allow this access as an individual with a student license? Can an organization be created that then requires renewal when the student license expires?


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Hi Robert,

Please take a look at the following regarding what is needed in order to publish surveys...

Frequently asked questions—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 



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