Formatting changes when building in Connect and publishing in web app

11-19-2019 09:36 AM
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I am building an advanced survey in Connect that is to be published for public access on the web app. However, much for the text formatting in connect is lost in the web app.

For example, I notice that my welcome text on the first page turns to bold when published in the web app. Similarly, labels are always published as bold in the web app, yet there were some areas that I wanted to be regular text and others bold in those labels. Can this be changed?

Lastly, I've noticed that answer choices in the web app are a very light gray color whereas in the Connect app, they are darker and easier to see. Can this be changed?

Can someone explain what formatting attributes are preserved or lost when building a survey in Connect that is published on the web?


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Hi Dena,

Is it possible to share the form .xlsx file so we can take a closer look of the issue you described? You can send it to my email 


Jody Zheng Liu

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