Filtering Choice List to Show Only Records with Empty Date Field Value Using Search Appearance

11-29-2021 09:10 AM
New Contributor II

In Survey123 Connect I am using the Search Appearance to populate a choice list from an existing feature layer.  The feature layer has a date field and I want to filter the choice list to show only records for which the date field is empty.  As a reminder, this is the syntax for the search appearance:

search(‘tableName’, ‘searchType’, ‘searchColumn’, ‘searchText’, ‘filterColumn’, ‘filterText’)

With searchColumn or filterColumn set to my date field, I have tried setting searchText and filterText to '', NULL, ISNULL, ISBLANK, NaN and none of those seem to work.  Anyone know what syntax I should use to filter to only show choices that have an empty date field?  My other search/filter parameters work just fine.




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