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01-26-2022 10:33 AM
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Hi, I'm trying to determine if this mobile workflow is possible, my research indicates yes, but I am unable to figure it out.   I am trying to select a feature in Field Maps, use a custom URL scheme to open & prepopulate a survey in SV 123, and once the survey is filled & submitted go back to Field Maps & update a feature based on SV 123 data.

my url:  arcgis-survey123://?itemID=5606f31a4c794ef28dd89a3505159cbb &field:fkey={GlobalID}&center={expression/expr0}&callback:submit=

I have no trouble getting what I need from Field Maps to SV123, but trying to get back to Field Maps & pass parameters is where I am stuck. I know in the example url above I do not pass any parameters back to Field Maps; this is my current attempt of at least getting Field Maps to reopen after the survey is submitted.  I've seen other avenues of putting the link to Field Maps in a note field within the survey, but I was unable to get that to work, and I also think that might be a solution for the Desktop app and not mobile.

Any insight or direction would be greatly appreciated, my next thought if this doesn't work is to try and use integromat to make the call to Field Maps and update the feature.

Thank You for Reading.

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It can get complicated.

If you are calling from field maps to 123 then you know field maps is already open so I just do this and it will flip back to where you were.


If you do want to put some info to send back in the the return URL must be encoded.  Then if there are certain values in there you must double encode it!  It is a pain for sure.  See help below.

Then the next trip up is that the URL is made and encoded at the start.  So if you want to say launch 123 and pass from Field Maps then grab some 123 value that is new in the form and send it back, you can't because the URL is static from when you launched from Field Maps.  At least I am pretty sure and it makes sense.  I posted it here but no response. 

Start here with the help 

Hope that helps a bit

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