Export to Table or Excel drops domain and subtype descriptions

09-25-2018 07:00 AM
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I created a Citizen Damage Incident Self Report survey in Survey123 (https://cisr.onslowcountync.gov) so that county residents can self report damage from Hurricane Florence.  We are trying to export the data out to excel.  When I export to CSV, Shapefile or Excel (using either AGOL or Survey123 Data export options), it exports the records but drops all the domain and subtype descriptions.  All I get it Choice0, Choice1, etc.  I export to FGDB which gives me the domain and subtype descriptions but again I need it in Excel.  I have tried to export the attribute table but it drops the domain and subtype descriptions.  I have tried using the table to Excel tool in ArcDesktop but same results.  How do I export the data from our survey but also keep the domain and subtype descriptions?  We need to do this frequently so me manually replacing the Choice0, Choice1, etc. isn't going to work.


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A few years ago i had a need to export to Excel using the field alias name instead of the regular name.  It does .xlxs also which helped with data limits.

I found this old code and added a line to get field.aliasname.  Worked great.  You could add code to get domain values.


I assume you mean these checkboxes do not work?

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Thanks for the screen shot - That's what I needed! 

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I am running into this same problem (if you look back through old posts, it has actually been many years since this issue first arose)

Upon looking through other GeoNet posts and troubleshooting documentation on exporting tables from AGOL, I have concluded that there does not seem to be a good work around.  Subtype and domain descriptions are unreliable and frequently lost when exported from AGOL to any other data table, geodatabase, or feature class file format.


This topic has been an ongoing issue for years...Does anyone have any advice?  Why hasn't ESRI fixed this, or at least provided some very straight forward documentation about the limitation in exporting subtype and domain descriptions from AGOL?

(Other than exporting into a FGDB; this method does not work for me)


Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Hi all,

The choice0, choice1... are the values of the behind coded value domains we initially used for Single Choice/Dropdown (select_one) questions in the survey created from the website. Since the 3.3 release, we had an enhancement to the website that when creating new a survey, we will have a better naming mechanism for the behind codes for coded value domains so that they will be valuable and easy to distinguish.

For those surveys published before the 3.3 release with choice0, choice1..., I suggest the following articles to use as a workaround for including the name/descriptions of the coded value domain for the exported Excel, Shapefile. Hope these help: