Display Group if/when any question is specifically answered

10-08-2019 09:01 AM
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I would like a Group of questions to display if/when any questions with a particular answer is selected throughout the entire survey

Nearly the entire survey is select_one questions verifying the status of something.  The answers either Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory or Not Applicable.

If Unsatisfactory or Not Applicable are selected anywhere in the survey, I would like a Group of questions (Discrepancies) to display otherwise that Group is hidden.

Is this possible?

I attached an abbreviated version of the survey for reference.

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You tie relevant statements to both the question and the answer. For this, you will need to put each question that can trigger the discrepancies group into a relevant statement.

In other words:

selected(${SE_District}, 'Unsatisfactory') OR selected(${SW_District}, 'Unsatisfactory')


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