display autosave.json for users during survey collection

08-20-2019 09:18 AM
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Hi everyone,

My users have asked to have a one-page display of all of the data collected in the survey before they submit it for the day. They want to be able to quickly check over all of their answers for completeness and errors before they submit them.

I am trying to figure out a way to display the 'autosave.json' data saved on the machine's hard drive in a reading-friendly way and have run into a few road blocks.

First, has anyone else tried doing this? Is there a good solution that someone else has?

Second, can anyone think of the best method for doing this? I have built a method using javascript to display as HTML in a browser, but have a run into a security issue for loading local files with modern browsers. Alternativly I have tried using python to modify the json file and flatten it for display, but havent figure out a great way to display the data.

Thanks for any help! I would love to see a feature like this available for survey123 sometime in the future. The report features tool works great online, and would be great to have in the app as a pre-submit option. Attached is a silly example of the kind of thing I want to have. A text list of the days data from the autosave json file displayed in a smaller format.


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Hi Andrew,

Rather than display the autosave.json, I might suggest creating a note that aggregates the response together for display.