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Data entered in form not coming over after submission

05-01-2023 12:14 PM
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I have a s123 form (3.16.110) using repeats where users need to type entries into decimal and integer fields, then advance to the next record in the repeat (in our case, the next fish). I notice that in some cases the last field where they enter data, no values are being recorded in the data after the survey is submitted, even when they typed a value in the field in the form. It appears like when the user presses enter or tab to shift focus off of the integer field the data will pass through, but if the user just advances to the next record in the repeat (cursor still in the integer field) the data is not committed. Is there any way to commit the data when the record (repeat) advances? In this case the last "typed" data field is Sample ID.



begin groupmeasuresample   w5:1          
decimalforklengthFork Length  w1yes    (${forklength} > 0 and ${forklength} <1000) or (${forklength} = -9999)  
decimalweightWeight  w1yes    (${weight} > 0 and ${weight} <1000) or (${weight} = -9999)  
integersampleid_entrySample ID (genetics)  w1       ${species_individual}='COHO SALMON' and ${lifestage_individual}='SMOLT'
calculatesample_idSampleID       if(string-length(${sampleid_entry})=1,concat(${season},"-000",${sampleid_entry}),if(string-length(${sampleid_entry})=2,concat(${season},"-00",${sampleid_entry}),if(string-length(${sampleid_entry})=3,concat(${season},"-0",${sampleid_entry}),concat(${season},"-",${sampleid_entry}))))${species_individual}='COHO SALMON' and ${lifestage_individual}='SMOLT'
notesample_id_displayLabel  w1    ${sample_id}  ${species_individual}='COHO SALMON' and ${lifestage_individual}='SMOLT'
select_one releaserelease_indRelease  w1 minimalyes  DOWNSTREAM      
calculatek_factorK factor       100000*${weight}div(${forklength}*${forklength}*${forklength})   
calculatesize_warning<font color="red'>Length to Weight ratio is not within normal parameters. Please check measurementsw5    "Length to Weight ratio is not within normal" (${k_factor}>2 or ${k_factor}<.5) and ${species_individual}='COHO SALMON'
calculategenetics_warning<font color="red">Collect genetics clip for tagged Cohow5    "Collect genetics clip for tagged Coho" ${species_individual}='COHO SALMON' and ${pitobsapp}='APPLIED' and ${genetics}='NO'
end group               
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Yes I have seen this before you have to tab or move out of that last field or the data is not saved.  Tap anywhere else and it will then keep it.  We had to just teach our crews.

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@DougBrowning , is this only for Connect published surveys with repeats or web published surveys with repeats as well if you know?

Jansen Lyons - Records and GIS Section - Public Works - City of Rio Rancho, NM
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It is the app not how it was published.  They do not register until the field loses focus.   Test it and see if that is it.