Creating a stakeholder view - when a survey is built on a feature layer view

04-07-2018 12:42 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi all,

I'm aware that, you can ONLY build a feature layer view from a hosted, feature layer (not from a feature layer view).

But, I had to build a survey on top of a feature layer view, and I'd really like my clients to see results from the Survey123 page. Hence, I'd have to create a stakeholder view. But, I get an error when trying to perform this operation (probably because it is trying to build a view from the feature layer view I used to build the survey).

Any suggestions to overcome this problem?



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Hi Gee,

It is not currently possible to create a stakeholder view based on a survey that was created on a view. This is due to a limitation in ArcGIS online regarding views and also with the Survey123 website, as it will always only create or update one stakeholder view per survey. More info on views here: Create hosted feature layer views—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS 

As far as I understand, there is no workaround for this either at this stage.


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Hi all,

I have a survey that I created back in March 2018 and we are just getting around to looking at the data and I think that I updated the survey after I had created the stakeholder view online as there are a few fields that are not showing up to my viewers.  Is there a way to recreate a stakeholder view using the submitter view and saving it with the same name as the original stakeholder view?  


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by Anonymous User
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There are 2 ways to get around this,

  1. Delete the stakeholder view in AGOL and then re-share the survey with the stakeholder in the Survey123 website (this will recreate the view).
  2. Access the stakeholder view in AGOL > click Visualization tab > Under the item, click the More Optio...