Create points in Survey123 based on a projects location

06-02-2020 04:16 PM
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I am hoping to use Survey123 to log data about existing projects and web maps in my organization. The idea is that a analyst would create a web map and application and then submit a survey, answering questions like what counties are within the project area, what datasets were used in the analysis, etc etc. Then this information would be displayed in an Operations Dashboard on our site page.

Ideally, I would like the survey to create a point automatically based on the projects center, something like this map which is automatically generated and viewable within the Organization > Status > Content tab:

Is this possible, or is my only choice to use a geopoint question and have the analyst submit a point manually within the survey? I've considered that option as a backup, but I've been requested to make this functionality automatic if possible, so I thought I'd see if there were any ideas out there.


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Hello Katherine, 

One option is to configure the pop-ups in the web map to use the ArcGIS Survey123 custom URL Scheme and pass along the XY coordinates for the center of the existing features into your Survey123 survey. 

If you would like to use the Survey123 Web Form this GeoNet article goes through the workflow to pass along the Webform URL parameters.

Thank you, 


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Thanks for the quick response, Zachary! That's a great idea, and definitely something I'll think about to see if we can use that workflow.

However, ideally, I wouldn't want the analyst to have to put the custom URL scheme into every web map. The idea here is to be a one time thing for each app, mostly as a way of tracking consistent information about the various apps in a single location, along with having a spatial component to it to be able to visualize the general locations of the different projects across the country. So in this case, (like I said, ideally), the analyst would access the survey first to record this information without needing to drop a point in a web map.

Hope that makes sense....

Thanks again for the suggestion!

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